What is Visec Software ?

Visec is video surveillance software, often referred to as Video Management Software, or VMS. In short Visec allows you to record, analyze and playback video surveillance footage from connected cameras over the internet or locally via a direct connection. Visec software works best with IP based cameras, such as Axis, Vivotek and ONVIF compliant cameras.

Visec Features

  • Intelligent Video Surveillance Suite- Record up to 100 cameras per server  via an easy to use point and click interface
  • Utilizing H.264, the latest in video compression.
  • Client / Server- control multiple servers from one easy point.
  • License Plate Recognition System- addon module that enables able to detect license plates at over 100 kilometers per hour utilizing advance mathematical algorithms 
  • Access Control Support -Open doors, turn lights on/off, move a ptz camera to a zone when a sensor is triggered)
  • Qr Code- Read QR codes at a 99.9% accuracy rate from normal ip cameras. Multiple QR codes can also be read simultaneously with a single camera.
  • Best Value- Most Competitively Priced System in the world for the Technology.
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What's New?

License Plate Recognition Module

Visec's LPR module is the fastest LPR in the world, capable of reading license plates at close to 99.9% accuracy at speeds of over 100 kilometers per hour

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Case Studies

Modern camera technology, however, and in particular the rapid development in IP Video, are making smallerscale projects in smaller towns viable. Msukaligwa Municipality (formerly Ermelo), faced with escalating crime in the Central Business District (CBD), recently commissioned a camera surveillance system in conjunction with Ermelo Business Against Crime as a Public Safety project designed to make the streets safer, protect the interests of local business and promote tourism.

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News & Press

LPR CLOUD SA built and donated by Visec is credited for 41 vehicles stops and arrest in January 2017
LPR CLOUD SA built and donated by Visec is credited for 41 vehicles stops and arrest in January 2017 .....Read more
Visec announces embedded License Plate Recognition using Hikvision Camera eliminating traditional hardware
Visec released software technology making License Plate Recognition to the cloud more affordable. The Visec solution eliminates costly computer hardware associated with implementing license plate recognition systems. .....Read more
Visec helps cities become smarter making them safer
Visec helps Cities become smarter making them safer .....Read more
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